Are you excited about the future? Valeo offers jobs with good career prospects to school pupils and students!

Are you open to different countries, people and adventures? Valeo employs nearly 80,000 employees in 29 countries around the world and operates 133 sites, 50 research and development centers as well as 15 distribution centers – plenty of opportunities to display intercultural and social skills. As part of the apprenticeship, our apprentices may also spend a month at a partner institution where people with a need for assistance live and work. Here, our apprentices learn how to be tolerant and patient, maintain machines and quite often even dare to explore the area of support and care. This is an additional social qualification à la Valeo.

We also offer internships to support you in making a career decision. After all, it is not that easy to choose a profession right after leaving school. For this reason, Valeo offers internships for school pupils in order to provide career guidance. To inspire girls and young women to take up a technical profession, Valeo now regularly holds a Girls’ Day and there is also the Girls’ Day Academy.

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